Creating inspiration whilst consolidating cut-through

There’s a lot to be said for the B:B market, and I personally love the space. It provides a unique opportunity to really drill down into a very specific market sector that has its own eccentricities, nuances and micro-community of influences and influencers. To become an influencer you need to truly understand this profile – it’s various sub-sects, its culture and fluidity.


To put this into real terms, mortgage brokers are the end-market for a number of our clients in the financial services space. This market has gone through, and continues to undergo, a massive transition.


It’s a market that’s traditionally been dominated by traditional thinkers, believers in traditional practices (and marketing mediums) and traditionally a resistance to new technologies, practices and/ or business methodologies. And why shouldn’t it be the case? The great Australian dream has always been the driver for the mortgage broker’s business and this can never change, right? Wrong. As we all know, the fundamental principles of home ownership, relative debt, governmental responses and increasing consumer expectation is changing the face, as we know it, of the industry. Diversification is the buzz word, commercial is the new residential, if you’re not an adviser you need to reassess and all brokers are expected to get with the program or start to consider succession planning. 

Why do I have such a strong opinion about the market? Because we live and breathe it – I know, it sounds standard. The difference is though, if you spend the time and are motivated to truly understand your audience you have an immediate advantage of how to engage with them. You understand their priorities, their challenges and possible channels into acceptance for considering new players, technologies or opportunities. As marketers, we can also blend and integrate the mediums to ensure maximum impact.


This isn’t ever achieved through pushing the product, service or industry. It’s about pushing the benefit in a way that genuinely engages with and focuses on how the opportunity builds business, deepens relationships, or the like. Again, not new nor rocket science. However what it does genuinely create is OPPORTUNITY. Opportunities for new players, opportunities for new processes, products or technologies - if it’s marketed the right way, with the right messaging, with a different spin on the creative – well now you’re cooking.


We all get a kick from seeing a campaign come to life. It’s deeply fulfilling, inspiring and exciting to see creative hit the mark, engage with its audience, and consequently deepen brand equity and ultimately generate sales. It just takes a bit of bold thinking, collaboration and never underestimating the impact when you back a campaign with solid strategy, but lead from the heart.


Sascha Moore


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