The art of balance – using design elements to achieve balance

Balance is everything. Are we talking work, love, life, art – yes, but particularly as it relates to graphic design. As humans we crave equilibrium. The interesting part about this is that everyone’s sweet spot is different.


Some subconsciously seek symmetry. This is achieved when elements are repeated or mirrored along a central axis. Symmetry can be achieved through the use of pattern, texture, colour, graphics, and so forth. We tend to find this style of balances resonates with clients (and industries) that typically operate from their left side of the brain.


Symmetry is beautiful, stable and peaceful

Others (often aligned with right-brainers) see harmony through asymmetry, which is often confused with ‘unbalanced’ (or read more dynamic). To the contrary, this style of balance allows elements to work collaboratively to create balance. In this instance, there’s always a ‘hero’ product or feature that dominates the space. This weight is offset with complementary, subtle counter balance. This is created through distributing the visual weight of graphic elements within the available space to achieve a feeling of equilibrium. Visual weight can be affected by the usual culprits of size, colour, texture, shape and direction.


Asymmetry is dynamic, interesting and engaging

Despite which side of the fence you’re on, the more pertinent question becomes what makes us instinctively strive to reach balance?


Because everything just feels right when there is balance. We crave the juxtaposition of harmony and variety, rhythm, unity and the unexpected. Both styles of balance are beautiful: it’s really about understanding what works for our clients, for their audience and what psychological traits the market has, then interpreting how to visually communicate a campaign to truly connect.


You know when you’ve pushed a design to its true potential when it has just the right amount of energy, cut-through, messaging and engagement: with each piece complementing the other, with no element competing. Pure fusion, fluidity and harmony.


This is our goal for our clients: to create en pointe creative that helps increase brand awareness, drive results, evolve brand equity and deepen relationships.


Sascha Moore


Acknowledgements: Hatch Interior Design


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