People management a waste of time all-round

Managing employees is one of the biggest gripes among business owners, but one leader says it can be just as time-wasting for your workforce as for yourself.

“I don't do HR well, but I've had to spend a lot of time with people and managing people, managing teams, and managing their issues. I worked out, when I was at an advertising agency actually in this building, that about 80 per cent of my time at that point was managing people and about 20 per cent of my time was on the work,” Sascha Moore of Create Design & Marketing said on the My Business Podcast.

“For me to feel fulfilled and driven and optimistic, I need to be doing that 100 per cent of the time.”

Ms Moore said the “challenge” was to develop a culture and a working process that enabled her to support her team’s strengths, but still allowed her to work on her own strengths.

“To me, a lot of that was autonomy and independence. I want to be around people who are smart, who are really switched on, who can produce high-quality work but are also highly independent,” she said.

“So from the outset, I said to the team, ‘Look, where I want you to work is wherever you want to be. When I want you to work is whenever that suits you. How I'm going to plug in to you is to give you advice and direction and be a sounding board at critical points. I'm not going to be here to hold your hand,’ because what that does is disempower them and stifles the creative or strategic process.”

Originally published at, 3 October 2017. Author: Adam Zuchetti.

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