Who defines your USP: you or your customer?

How much should you really rely on customer feedback when marketing your business and conveying your unique value?

Of course you want to listen to feedback from past and current customers – both positive and negative. But as Sascha Moore, founder of Create Design & Marketing, explains, you can go overboard in using customer feedback as part of your marketing.

Chatting on the My Business Podcast about how to identify your unique selling point (USP), Sascha says for her it is very much an internal process.

“As a personal style, I don't seek other people's opinions about that so much. Only in the sense that I feel like I need to be very certain of what we're offering and offer it with confidence,” she says.

“I don't say that out of arrogance, but I say that as if I'm asking my clients, ‘What do you think of our service offering?’ is almost asking their validation; I feel that that discredits me.”

Sascha says that doesn’t mean you should exclude feedback altogether, but seek it using a different approach.

Originally published at www.mybusiness.com.au, 14 September 2016. Author: Adam Zuchetti.

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